Summer Mitchell, Author at PREPARE FOR SALE
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Author:Summer Mitchell

Why Property Styling Is An Investment, Not An Expense

Real Estate Staging is the Key to Successful Selling.

When a buyer walks into a property and immediately imagines living there, that’s when the magic happens. A home that presents well is more inclined to entice buyers to feel attached to the property and drive offers.

Staging is what transforms your property into a desirable and marketable product that drives sales. Staged homes sell faster and for higher prices.

The average staging investment generates a return on investment of between 8 – 10%.  If we look at the average Brisbane home sale of $550,000 that’s $44,000 – $50,000 more! That’s a big difference for a small investment.

The way a property is presented to the market can make a big difference to the price. Staging is about neutralising the property to appeal to a wide range of buyers, highlighting the properties best features and creating a lasting impression in a buyers mind.